Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Leah's first trip to Washington DC

Since Shafi was out of town for work for almost 2 weeks, including over Labor Day weekend, I decided to take Leah and go visit family in DC. My uncle Howard lives in the district with his partner Charlie, and my brother Alan lives in Alexandria with his wife Rachel.

We had a nice visit. We took the train down Thursday afternoon. No problems traveling on Amtrak alone with Leah. I was able to board the train before the track number was listed so that I had time to get the stroller folded and my bag put up and get 2 seats together to put Leah (in her car seat) on the seat next to me. I took a big backpack (the one I used to backpack in Europe 8 years ago) with all of our stuff so that I'd be able to push the stroller and carry our stuff. I thought it would be a bit too hard to push the stroller and a wheeled suitcase. It worked out well, although it was awfully heavy!

We stayed at Alan's for 2 nights. Friday we walked around Old Town, which is just a few minutes walk from his house. It's a nice area. And Saturday we made the switch over to Howard's house and just spent time hanging out. We also met up with an old roommate of mine from college, Mike Dolan, for brunch. It was nice to catch up with him and show Leah off.

Sunday the weather was beautiful, so we went to the zoo. Leah was more interested in watching the other people than in the animals, but we all had a good time anyway. Monday we just hung out and relaxed and Tuesday we took the train back home. I was again able to get on early and get situated before others started boarding.

Between my camera, Alan's camera, and Howard's camera we took an awful lot of pictures. But here are a few favorites:

Leah's first train ride:
Leah's first shopping cart ride:
Leah's first time to "pet" a cat (thanks for being such a good sport Simba):
Leah hanging out with Uncle Alan:
Leah playing with Aunt Rachel at brunch:

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