Sunday, October 5, 2008

OK - this mobile baby thing is not as fun as I wanted it to be

Yeah yeah - everyone said "be careful what you wish for." And I knew they were right. But I was so excited for how much fun Leah would be when she was able to get around a bit. She's not quite crawling yet, but her scooting is getting pretty good. She's not very fast but she's figured out how to use her leg to help her move too, so she's getting faster. She's been doing the army crawl for a few days now - pulling herself forward with her arms and dragging her legs behind her. Now that she bends her knee to put a leg forward to help push she can move farther in a bit less time, but mostly she just doesn't tire out as quickly.

This morning I watched her move from the middle of the living room to the entertainment center - and then manage to scoot into the space between the entertainment center and speaker - about 10 inches wide - to try to get to the speaker wire. What is it with babies always going for wires and cords? Of course I got up and stopped her before she could get to it, but it was just fascinating to watch. She also goes the other direction to the laptop's power cord. Or towards the highchair, where she tries to pull up on the bar at the bottom - which she will no doubt at some point hit her head on.

So yes - it does make her even more fun. And when she's crawling and moving faster and doing more and more she will continue to get more and more fun. But no doubt we are nearing the point where I can't leave her unattended even for a minute without the risk of her getting into trouble.

A friend suggested putting a couple of toys she really likes in the pack n play and then those toys always stay in the pack n play. That way she will be excited to go in there in order to play with them. And I'll have a safe place to put her down when I need a few minutes for something - like going to the bathroom.

And she continues to get cuter and cuter by the day too.

Sitting on the floor playing:
Eating a Baby Mum-Mum rice cracker:
Reading a book at the playgroup at the Dojo (doesn't she look like a such a big girl?):
Showing off her funky style, while shaking her jingling ball:
Jingling the ball and singing - looks like an aria don't you think?:

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