Sunday, October 19, 2008

And then there were 3...

Teeth that is. Leah's 3rd tooth broke through the gums today...probably last night actually. It's on top - but not one of the front teeth - it's the one just to the right of the right front tooth - between the front and the canine. Not sure why that one came in first, but I'm sure it doesn't matter. The front two and the one on the left are surely not far behind as the gums are swollen there. So soon enough there will be 6.

I can't post any pictures...because I can barely get a look at the tooth much less a picture of it. Maybe it's because her gums are sore, but she will not let me look at or touch the new tooth or the top gums at all. She scrunches up her mouth and pushes her tongue out. I was able to get a finger in there yesterday to feel that the tooth was close but I didn't think it had broken through - and this morning I was able to get a little peek and see that now there's a big white section of tooth showing - following which I got my thumb in there and felt the tooth - following which she cried. Oops - guess I'll stop doing that for now.

The teething definitely seems to be bothering her. She woke up and cried a couple times the last couple of nights - early mornings actually - around 4 or 5 or 6 a.m. And she woke up very unhappy from her morning nap today. She was happy in the morning, took a good nap, was fussy in the middle of the day, took a good nap, and was happy in the evening. Not sure why the pain and thus the fussiness would come and go like that, but I have no other explanation for the mood swings, so I'm going to stick with the teething theory.

She's also been giving us trouble going to sleep at night. She has this really sad cry that we just can't sit and listen to, so we go in and try to comfort her. The last couple nights we basically held her until she fell asleep, but tonight we decided to stop the insanity...she is getting awfully heavy...and we're probably just making it worse by continuing to hold her night after night. So we comforted her once and then let her cry it out. She actually only cried for about 20 minutes until she fell asleep - around 7:40. But then she woke up crying around 10:30 and has been fussing on and off since. I'm not going in unless the crying gets worse. But it is keeping me up...hence the blog post.

Looks like we could be in for a rough night.

But as always, she was super cute when she was happy today.

She's now tall enough and coordinated enough to play with the musical table without me holding her up in front of it:
She explored all over the apartment today...including under the middle of the dining table:
And in the kitchen:
We gave her a piece of toast to entertain her at brunch...she didn't actually eat it...but she thought about it for a minute:
After her afternoon nap she was in a great mood and had lots of fun playing:

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