Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mom got to go to the gym - Leah got to try out the sitter

I tried the gym with Leah for the first time today. I bought the 10-pack of babysitting vouchers for $50 - which is only $5 per time - not too bad. You can get up to an hour and a half for that. I only got about half an hour today though.

I dropped her off and she was happy playing with the sitter, Millie. There were no other kids there so Millie was able to sit and play with her. I checked back a couple minutes later after getting ready and putting my stuff in a locker. She looked happy. I went and rode the bike for 30 minutes and then decided to check back again.

She was crying. Millie was obviously trying to get her happy. I watched her put her in the exersaucer and feed her a few Cheerios. She stopped crying a bit and then started again. Then Millie got out the bottle I had put in the bag. But I had told Millie that she'd had a bottle at 3 and probably wouldn't need to eat - at this point it was just after 4, so she really didn't need one yet, so I decided to go in. I figured she probably wouldn't really take the botte and if she did she would just end up spitting up a lot.

But I probably shouldn't have gone in...because then Leah was only happy when I picked her up. As soon as I put her back down she thought I was going to leave and cried again. So I decided rather than trying to go continue my workout I'd rather take her home and try again another day. I think it'll only take a couple more times for Leah to get used to Millie. And Millie thought that if I hadn't come in Leah would have calmed down and been fine.

So now I just need to be able to keep motivating to get to the gym a few times a week!

Also of note, Leah is 8 months old today! And as always, she continues to get cuter by the day:

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