Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's been a very exciting day already

At the end of Leah's nap this morning she was crying hysterically. I had been in the shower so it took me a few minutes to get to her. When I went in she was standing up in the corner of the crib closest to the door. Not sure how long she was standing there, but she was pretty upset. Tears and snot were streaming down her face. I think she had pulled herself up and gotten stuck there. She didn't stand up during her afternoon nap as far as I know, so it's not exactly a regular thing yet, but she did pull up in the crib for the first time today.

Then we had swimming class. She was the star pupil. When the teacher pushed her toward me in the water she stretched her arms out for me and kicked her legs and closed her mouth - she was able to move forward underwater for a foot or so - and when she came up she didn't even seem to mind that she'd been underwater. This was only week 3! We've got 7 more weeks to continue to improve on that. I think she'll be doing laps by new years.

And what blog post would be complete without cute pics?
Yesterday she pulled up to her knees at the musical table:

We went to play with Leah's friend Erica yesterday - Leah was being very sweet with hugs and kisses - and randomly they happened to be wearing matching coats:

This morning Leah pulled up to her knees at the coffee table - and happily watched me at the computer for a few minutes:

She was happy as a clam after her afternoon nap - a little stretching:And then some ear-piercing squeals:

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