Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another tooth...more pulling up on the furniture...and a new sound

Yes it's been an exciting couple of days. Yesterday her top left front tooth broke through the gums. She officially has 4 teeth. Luckily the 2 that have come in on top are not very big yet, so she doesn't look like a jack-o-lantern. And the other 2 will be close behind, so I think they'll all be approximately the same size when they get big enough to be seen.

She also started making a clucking sound a couple days ago. She just smacks her lips and tongue together and makes a soft click-click-click. She especially likes to do it in response to someone else doing it first. Very cute.

And today she truly conquered pulling herself up to standing. When she was supposed to be taking her afternoon nap she pulled herself up in the crib. She got stuck there and started wailing. I went in and helped her down and then picked her up to calm her down. After a couple of minutes I put her back down...she still needed to nap. A few minutes later she was wailing again and we went through the same process. Then she cried herself to sleep without standing up. After her nap, which was only about half an hour, I decided to try to teach her how to get back down.

I stood her up and stood in front of her and played a little. Then I sat down in front of the crib and poked her in the belly until she looked down to see me. First she tried peering over the rail to see me - but of course she's not tall enough. Then she figured it out. And she leaned back and plopped down onto her bum. We practiced the same thing about half a dozen times...she would pull herself up to standing when I stood and tapped on the top of the rail - and then she would sit down when I sat down and poked her in the belly.

And I know that I was successful in teaching her, because all afternoon she practiced by pulling up on the coffee table and the musical table and once the entertainment center. She did have a couple of rough falls - not that she really hurt herself but she bopped her head and face a couple times. But mostly she lowered herself down succesfully. I was surprised she was able to pull up at the entertainment center - figured it would be hard for her to get enough traction on the hardwood floor. And as soon as I saw her I moved her over to the carpet - if she took a tumble down on the hardwood it would certainly hurt a lot more than when she does it on the carpet.

I guess we've entered a new phase of Leah really getting into everything. Now I have to hope she doesn't figure out how to walk too soon!

Yesterday Leah enjoyed pulling all the DVDs off the shelves:
And she showed off her Halloween black cat hat, bib, mummy, and pumpkin bear:
And her very cute Halloween onesie:
Today we practiced standing in the crib...in order to practice getting back down:
And I left the room for a few seconds and came back to find Leah standing at the entertainment center:

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