Thursday, March 27, 2008

Leah's First Jeans

For some reason, I just love baby jeans. My mom got Leah a pair in 0-3 month size and I put them on her for the first time today. I just had to post so everyone can see how cute she is in them!
Really not much else to say. We've been reading a few short books each day. Leah doesn't pay a whole lot of attention but she does sit happily while I read and point at the pages. She's started to be more interested in more things. She will lay and watch the mobile in her crib for about 15 minutes at a time as long as she's not hungry or overtired. Yesterday I put her in the activity gym and left her to play alone for about 20 minutes and she was happy the whole time. I did check on her often, but it gave me time to get dressed, brush my teeth, eat breakfast. I'm hoping she'll self entertain like that every morning.

And she has officially outgrown the newborn clothes. They are either too short or the sleeves are short or they're tight on her. I have plenty of clothes in the next size, so actually I'm happy to take them out and make room in the dresser drawers. Obviously babies grow out of clothes quickly, but it's so strange to put away clothes already - some of which she has only worn once. I'll keep them in case we have another daughter some day - or to pass on to other family and friends once we're done building our family.

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