Monday, March 31, 2008

So tired...

Weekends are supposed to be a chance to catch up on sleep while Shafi helps out with Leah. But this past weekend, Leah didn't sleep much, so we didn't sleep much. She seemed to be rebelling against sleeping in the crib. That combined with long sessions of cluster feeding in the evening made for an exhausting weekend. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights she only slept a couple hours in the crib, and then we took turns holding her.

Thankfully she was much better last night. After cluster feeding from 4 to 10, she slept in the crib from 10:30 to 3:30. Longest stretch of sleep I've had in awhile...sort of. She did wake up at 11 - but I picked her up and held her for a couple minutes and put her back down. Then she cried at 1:30 for a few seconds, but when I went to get her, she had fallen back asleep. Luckily I didn't have trouble falling back to sleep each time, so it still felt like a long stretch of sleep. But after feeding her at 3:30, she was pretty much up until 6. I'd get her to sleep and go to put her in the crib, and she'd wake up crying again. At 4:30 she was inconsolable, so I fed her again. But it still took me a long time to get her down after that. And then she was up at 7:30. But I still got around 6 hours of sleep, which is huge in comparison to the past few days. Actually feeling much less run down today.

But of course she's so cute, I can't be mad at her. Here are my favorite couple of pictures from the weekend. There are many more posted on Picasa.

I got a whole series in this outfit - with her in a particularly happy mood:

Not sure if it was the outfit or what, but yes, she does appear to be giving me the finger. Mommy's little girl!

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