Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our 5th anniversary

Yesterday was the anniversary of our NYC courthouse wedding - 5 blissful years. This year's celebration was a bit different than in years past - due to our almost 2 month old daughter. But we had a nice dinner. Shafi picked up a fancy meal at Duane Park. We shared a frisee and pear salad with blue cheese dressing and a crab cake appetizer. And he had a bacon wrapped trout entree while I had a pork chop with spatzle. All very good.
Shafi brought me roses, which I put on the table, and he got out candles. But Leah wasn't into the idea of us having a romantic candlelit dinner. She wanted to eat - and eat again - and eat again. So I had my appetizer while Shafi kept her somewhat happy - and then he had his while I fed her. Then we traded off again for our entrees. At least while I'm feeding her she's quiet, and we were able to talk and pretend to be dining together.

No new present for me - I did get diamond earrings just a few weeks ago. But I got Shafi a few things. First, an assortment of hot sauces, some hot peanuts, habanero jelly beans, habanero stuffed olives, and very spicy bloody mary mix. And also a gift card for the men's getaway at Oasis Day Spa. He was definitely happy with his gifts. And amused at the presentation:

In case you can't read the note in the picture, it says "Something to spice things bed." Haha - I'm so clever. :)

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