Monday, April 21, 2008

Leah's first trip to Texas

We went to Fort Worth, Texas for a long weekend to visit my parents and have a naming for Leah. We were a bit nervous about traveling with a 10 week old - but she was a pro. She slept almost the entire 4 hour flight both directions. We did not buy her a seat, so we took turns holding her. We swaddled her to help her sleep soundly. And I fed her a couple of times when she woke up.

The trip was nice. We got in Thursday night and went out to dinner for my mother's birthday. Leah was a bit fussy since she'd slept so much already and didn't want to sleep more or sit still. But Shafi eventually got her to sleep in the BabyBjorn and was able to sit and eat with us for some of the meal. Friday night was Leah's naming. She was very good for the actual naming and blessing - she seemed to be quite interested in looking around the sanctuary and at the 150 or so people who were there. But after that I took her and fed her on and off in my dad's office until services were over. I figured if I got her to sleep we'd bring her in - but she did not want to sleep. We then brought her out for the oneg after services and she was really good. Again she was very interested in looking around. She kept her face half buried in my shoulder but eyes looking over it. And as long as I kept jiggling her on occasion she stayed pretty happy. After an hour or so she had enough and just fell asleep there on my shoulder. Everyone thought she was really adorable.

Saturday night we went to friends of my parents for seder. And Leah slept through the whole thing. We brought the pack n play along and put her down in a bedroom. So while I'm not sure we could really call it Leah's first seder, it was nice that we were able to participate and eat without a baby in our arms.

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