Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Have we crossed a longer sleep threshold?

I don't want to assume it's going to be a pattern, or jinx it or anything...but last night Leah slept a 7 hour stretch. She had been really fussy the last couple of days. Not sleeping enough, eating very frequently, and having less happy awake time and more crying time. I wasn't sure what was causing it or how to break the cycle, but I followed her cues and fed her when she wanted to eat and helped her get to sleep when she yawned. But she wasn't staying asleep very long, and that seemed to be perpetuating the cranky cycle.

But then I got her down about 5:00 yesterday evening. She did wake up at 5:45, but I picked her up and calmed her pretty quickly and she was back asleep in the crib within 10 minutes. Then she slept until midnight! I changed her and fed her and had her back to sleep by about 12:40. She woke up about 3:30 and I fed her and had her back to sleep by 4. And then she woke up a little before 7 this morning. I could hear her smacking her lips and making some little sounds, but she wasn't crying for quite awhile. She started to whimper a bit around 7:05, so I got her up. Shafi hadn't gotten to spend time with her yesterday since she went to sleep so early, so he took a break from getting ready for work to play with her for a couple minutes and change her. Then I fed her.

And we played for awhile this morning and I got her down for a nap about 8:20. She was up around 9 to eat again and then we played some more. And then down for a nap about 10:10. So I'm hoping this is the new pattern - more sleeping and easier to get to sleep. Maybe if we can keep it up she won't get cranky and overtired or overstimulated.

It would be nice if her long stretch of sleep started a bit later so that I was asleep for all of it instead of only half of it. But I was afraid to wake her for a feeding before I went to bed. Maybe I'll see if this continues for a few days and then try that and see what happens.

And as always, she's very cute. I had her all preppied up yesterday and took lots of pictures.

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