Saturday, April 26, 2008

Leah's Musical Journey

I've started playing music for Leah more and more now that the stereo is back. I had bought a small Philips stereo system for her room that has AM/FM, CD player, USB plug and an iPod dock. But after about 3 weeks it stopped working - and it took about 6 weeks to get the replacement. So now that we have it set up again I use the iPod to play the white noise that helps her sleep and put various CDs in to introduce her to music and see what she likes.

Early on we played classical and jazz for her...not sure that she was real aware of any of it though. But then I found a few weeks ago that she likes Peter Paul & Mary - I had been playing their kids songs for her. So I figured if she likes the slower sweeter guitar stuff then I've got lots of other stuff in my collection that she might like.

I played Jack Johnson for her...she definitely likes that. Although she was less into his soundtrack for the movie Curious George than she was songs like Better Together and Banana Pancakes. That's fine with me - I prefer those too. But I'm sure later she'll like the peppier kids music.

Then since we had Duncan Sheik playing in the room when she was born, I thought I'd see how she likes that. She definitely likes some of it - the more arranged melodic ones versus the almost a capella with a little guitar songs. Again, I'm in agreement with her choices.

And yesterday we listened to Paul Simon's Graceland album. Definitely a favorite for both of us. So then I continued on through the S's - I'll have to return to the A's after I get through the end of the alphabet - but might as well continue where I started from for now. Today we listed to Cat Stevens. She seemed to like that too. Maybe I'll venture into some heavier stuff or some country music at some point, but for now I'll go with this style since she seems to like it, and she is actually easier to get to sleep after we've been listening to fairly soft music for awhile.

I've been debating whether something I'm doing is influencing her music taste. It's possible that she prefers the songs that I sing along to, since she watches me sing and smiles a lot. But that isn't the only factor, as she didn't like some of the peppier PP&M that I sang along to. Good to know she's got a mind of her own. Although I may not quite feel that way when she can vocalize it. :)

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