Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I guess this is a growth spurt

The last couple of days Leah has been eating constantly. Sometimes every hour for half an hour. It's definitely exhausting for me. But I'm happy that she's growing and she's the boss - when she wants to eat she eats. It made for some fussy spells at first, as we didn't realize that she was crying for food at first. Seemed like she couldn't be hungry already after only half an hour or so since finishing her last feeding. But sure enough...we figured it out. Yesterday she seemed to be spitting up a lot. We found that holding her more upright during and after a feeding seemed to solve that problem. Unfortunately for me that means sitting up with her for longer after a feeding before putting her down in the crib. No big deal except at night - although at least she's still sleeping well at night. Last night I fed her every 3 hours but she ate for 30 minutes each time and then I held her for another 30 minutes or so. But then she didn't spit up in the crib, so I guess it worked. This morning she seemed very alert, so we unswaddled her and put her in a sleeper and let her stretch out under the mobile for awhile. She seemed to enjoy it for about 15 minutes - and then she wanted to be held. Looking at her all stretched out we could really tell that she's grown. Looking forward to Friday's 1 month check-up so that we can see how big she is - and make sure she's all healthy of course.

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