Monday, November 3, 2008

Leah likes beef stew

Who would have thought? Maybe she just likes her food with more seasoning than the Gerber and Earth's Best people put in the jar. I made beef stew last night - with beef broth, Guinness, beef, tomato, carrot, potato, onion, garlic, and some other seasoning. Don't worry, after cooking it for over 3 hours I think the alcohol was cooked out.

Since everything was cooked to fairly soft and Leah seems to be into finger foods more, I decided to go ahead and give her some of the stew for lunch. I tore the chunks of beef, carrots, and potatoes into very small chunks and fed them to her with my fingers. And I spoon fed her the stew. It took her a couple bites to decide it was okay, but she did. And then she ate a good amount of it. So I gave her more for dinner.

She also had the majority of a kiwi - some for lunch and some for dinner. I've got a fresh direct order coming tomorrow with some other goodies to feed her. And I think tonight I'll try soft cooking an apple so that she can eat some of that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I witnessed Leah figuring out how to sit down after pulling up at the coffee table...and I caught some of it on film. So now when she appears stranded in the crib, I will leave her stranded...I know she can sit down...and now she needs to know that standing and crying in the crib when she should be sleeping will not bring Mom's attention.

After standing up straight, Leah started to bend at the knees and lower herself towards the ground:
And then she sat down:

I also got her a new toy - a busy cube - that is nice and heavy so she can pull up on that without pushing it or turning it over - and it's got fun stuff to play with on each side:

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