Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting...research subject...busy day

I brought Leah along with me to vote today. I tried to explain to her that voting is every American's civic duty and that she'll get to participate in 17 1/4 years. I tried to tell her that this is a historic election - the first time a black man is a presidential nominee. I'm not sure she understood. But someday I'll at least be able to show her pictures of her sitting on my hip while I turned the knob to vote for Obama.This afternoon we went into Manhattan to participate in an infant study at NYU. The study was about sounds and how infants learn language. Leah sat on my lap while looking at a screen and they played sounds and showed still pictures on the screen. They videotaped Leah and apparently the study has to do with her eye movement and such related to the pictures and the sounds. They told us that Leah was a great test subject...she was paying attention and didn't squirm too much. And they gave us a cute t-shirt and certificate as a thank you for participating.
Leah continues to improve her standing and sitting back down skills...and continues to find more places to pull up:

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