Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leah's 9 month check-up

We went in for Leah's 9 month check-up this morning. She's huge! Do I say that every time?

She's 30.5 inches tall - still in the >97th percentile. And she's 20 lbs 2 ozs - the 72nd percentile. And apparently her head has really grown and is now in the 86th percentile.

Other than the bit of a cold she has at the moment she's totally healthy. The doctor did the usual exam and asked questions about her development. She asked when Leah started crawling. I said she's really only been crawling for a couple weeks but that she started scooting around 7.5 months. So the pediatrician said she'd like to do her blood test today. Sometimes she does it at the 1 year check-up, but since they check for lead, they like to do it at the first appointment after the baby has been "mobile" for at least 6 weeks. They also check for anemia - not sure what else, but they said we'll get a call in a week or so with the results.

Thankfully the doctor is expert at drawing blood from babies. She showed me how to hold her and she held her right hand very tight and got her vein on the first stick - didn't take too long but she did have to take 2 vials. Leah screamed and cried the whole time, but I think it was just traumatic and not really painful. As soon as the blood test was over she gave her the flu shot in her left thigh. Then I picked her up and hugged her and she pretty much calmed down immediately.

Leah was a bit tired this afternoon, but not so different from yesterday so I'm not sure if it's the cold or the flu shot. She was practically falling asleep this evening, so we fed her and put her to bed a little early - around 6:40. She only cried for a few minutes before falling asleep. We had done the bath before her afternoon nap because I wanted to loosen up her snot by keeping her in a steamy room for a bit (as per the doctor's recommendation). Definitely seemed like a better way to get the snot out than using the nasal aspirator.

The other excitement today is that Leah seems to have mastered playing "roll." In case you're not familiar with this game - it's the infant version of catch. If you roll the ball to Leah she actually rolls it back to you. We've played this game many times, but today was the first time that I was sure she was intentionally participating. It's nice to have another game to add to our repertoire of knocking down blocks, banging together stacking cups, and watching Mom play pat-a-cake.

Tyler came over for a playdate and Leah kept trying to put her finger in his mouth:
When she finally succeeded, he bit her:
She loves Cheerios, but she was having a bit of trouble eating them with a stuffy nose:
Leah loves pulling up on the coffee table and trying to grab the computer cords:
Her musical table is definitely her favorite toy at the moment:
She'll look up only for important things like posing for pictures:

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