Sunday, November 2, 2008

Leah likes disco...but I wouldn't say she loves it

Yesterday we went to Baby Loves Disco. It's a disco party for kids approximately 6 months to 7 years old. The Brooklyn one is held at Southpaw, a cool bar / live music venue in Park Slope. There's a DJ playing disco from the 70s/80s, a bubble machine, and egg shakers and scarves to play with on the dance floor. There's also a cool chill out room with books and toys and comfy couches to rest on.

There are all sorts of sponsors, so we definitely felt a little bombarded by advertising and such for children's products and services. But it meant that the price was pretty cheap ($12 each and free for "non-walking humans") and there were nice healthy snacks including cheese, grapes, guacamole, goldfish, Cheerios, Chex, juice, and soy milk. And for us big kids there was also a cash bar. We gave Leah a taste of some new foods. She did not like the Happy Baby quinoa, black bean and banana we gave her a sample of, nor did she like the guacamole. But she liked the goldfish crackers, rice Chex, and wheat Chex. And she loved the bits of mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

So in addition to having a fun time dancing and hanging out...we discovered that Leah is really starting to like finger foods. She still doesn't seem to want to feed herself. And she doesn't seem to like purees with chunks in them. But she likes finger foods that she has to "chew" - and not just Cheerios. So for dinner last night when she rejected several stage 3 foods - apricot with fruit chunks, spaghetti with cheddar in tomato sauce, and salmon with french lentils (although she did eat prunes and oat flour) - I tried cutting up some fresh kiwi. First I cut it up into very small pieces, and she liked it. Then I tried giving her bigger but thin slices, and she liked it. She was pretty good at chewing it up and she ate a lot - over 1/3rd of the kiwi. And when she'd had enough she started spitting it out. Not exactly how I would choose for her to tell us when she's done eating...but it works.

Dancing with Baba:

Singing and dancing with Baba:
Dancing with Mom:
Hanging out in the chill out room:
Partying with Leah's friend Tyler and his parents Jan and Nu:

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