Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leah turned 9 months old yesterday!

I can't believe how old she is...and how much she can do now. She's truly crawling - not just scooting or army crawling. She's pulling up on everything - if she can reach it and grip it she can pull up on it. Yesterday at the Dojo playgroup I turned around and she had pulled up along the wall by the gate. It's too high for her to reach the top. Apparently she held on to the edge of the wall next to the gate in order to stand up...that's definitely new. I imagine that means she can stand up on her own once she gets her balance a bit better. And a very important development...she's figured out how to sit back down well - no more getting stranded standing and screaming for help.

She's eating more and more table food. I gave her a little bit of the halibut I was having for lunch yesterday. She ate a few bites. She also had a few of the cannelini (white) beans with it. Then she refused to eat any more - but despite the frustrations I'm enjoying introducing her to "real" food. For breakfast today she had an entire 4 oz Yobaby yogurt - blueberry is her favorite so she'll eat the whole thing. And it's amazing how big she opens her mouth when she's eating something she really likes. It's like she's saying, "Come on Mom, this stuff is good. Give me a bigger spoonful!" Then she ate an Earth's Best blueberry waffle. They're multi-grain organic waffles and a set of 4 mini waffles is about the same size as a normal frozen waffle. I defrosted 2 of them and she only ate 1, but I think she'll have another for lunch. She did seem to like it. Although I thought maybe I could give her the whole thing and she'd hold it and bite off pieces. She bit off one bite - but then she seemed to be enjoying banging it on the highchair and watching it fall apart too much to eat it - so I took it back and fed her bite size pieces. Then she ate about a quarter of a kiwi. I think blueberry and kiwi are her favorite foods at the moment.

We have her 9 month check-up this Wednesday. I'm going to ask if the pediatrician thinks it's okay to give her berries. It seems like she would probably like them, but because they're a common allergen it's usually recommended to wait until a year. I haven't tried frozen veggies I bought for Leah, but I have been giving her some other things that I bought after other moms recommended them. She does not like tofu. But I think I'll get a banana and see if she'll eat the tofu mashed in with banana. She does like rice cakes. I got some sort of organic lightly salted plain rice cakes. I just break off bite size pieces for her. I'd say she still prefers Cheerios, but she'll eat about a quarter of a rice cake at a meal.

I cut up several fruits the other day. She's been eating the soft cooked apple, but I have to break it into very small pieces or she spits it out - I think she's afraid of choking. I also cut up some grapes into bite size pieces. She seems to like those, but again I have to cut them up pretty small for her to not spit them out right away. The one thing she didn't like - watermelon. I'm think it's actually the texture though - or maybe fear of choking. I tried really small pieces and she swirls it around and tries to gum it but eventually spits it out - similar to cantaloupe and honeydew. After a couple bites she refused to take any - but maybe that's not because of the taste but because of the frustration of not being able to eat it.

She's also getting better at communicating. She shakes her head while eating - which at first I was worried about - is it intentional? Does she have some sort of tick? But now I'm sure - she is saying no. This morning I tried to give her another bite of waffle and she pursed her lips and shook her head back and forth fairly vigorously. Then I gave her kiwi and she ate it. I tried more waffle - shook her head. More kiwi - mmm good. Is that nature or nurture? Has she learned that shaking her head means no from watching me? Or is it just natural to shake your head when you don't want something? Either way - it's pretty cool that she can communicate....but I'm sure the fact that her only efficient communication is no is going to frustrate me a lot!

Leah the adept crawler and talker:
She was so happy that Malia came over to play:
Getting to know her new friend Cooper:
Showing off her crawling skills for James...who is going to be crawling soon:
Making her latest facial expression - tongue over top lip concentration face:

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