Saturday, August 23, 2008

Late nights are not for Leah

We went to my friend Amber's birthday party tonight. Since Shafi was leaving at 6 to get to JFK to take the redeye to London I decided I would just take Leah along to the party. It was originally going to be a roof deck party, but the venue was changed to an Italian restaurant. It was a casual restaurant, so I decided to risk having a screaming baby out on a Saturday night.

Luckily it was very no one else could hear the screaming baby. But unfortunately we did not make it to dessert. Leah was really happy and social and playful for the first 30 minutes or so. Then I put her in the stroller as the food started to come out and she played happily for another 30 minutes or so. Then she was obviously tired. It was about 8:00 - an hour past her bedtime - and about 2 hours since she woke up from her evening nap.

She fussed and spit out the pacifier and pulled the blanket down and the canopy forward...basically she fought going to sleep in the stroller until I gave up. I had eaten the appetizers and an entree and a few glasses of wine and the table had just been cleared and dessert menus presented. So I threw some cash at the birthday girl and headed out. Fortunately I was able to keep Leah awake in the cab and as soon as we got home I changed her, gave her a 4 oz bottle, and put her to bed. She went to sleep as soon as her head was on the mattress. So we'll see how she sleeps tonight having gone to bed about 2 hours later than usual.

In case you were wondering, she didn't quite make it through the night last night, but she was close. She woke up around 5:15 this morning but didn't start to fuss until about 5:45. Shafi gave her a bottle and she was back asleep around 6:15 and slept until 7:30. So not too bad...but another hour would have made it a full night.

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