Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Leah's 6 month check-up

It's official - my baby girl is huge! I thought she had a growth spurt recently and I was right. She's now 28 inches tall. That's >97th percentile! And she's 16 lbs 9 ozs, which is the 61st percentile. Her head is now in the 73rd percentile at 43.3 cm. The doctor was happy with her growth. She said she wouldn't necessarily correlate the jump to the switch to formula, but either way - all is well.

She's healthy overall - nothing of note there. She was happy with her developmental milestones - starting to sit on her own, spending time on her tummy (signs that she'll be crawling soon), interacting with people, using both hands. And she commented on how strong she is...she gets that from her mom of course.

She had her shots - 3 shots but 5 vaccines. She took them pretty well. She was screaming of course, but she calmed down at the bottle pretty quickly. Since she usually gets fussy the day after her shots, the doctor recommended giving her Tylenol in the morning and keeping it up until she seems back to normal - which is usually about 2 days.

I asked lots of questions. Nothing particularly noteworthy in the answers. Her sleep is good. The amount of formula she's getting is good. We should start doing 2 meals a day. Try mixing rice cereal with fruit in the morning and rice cereal with vegetables in the evening. Feed her between bottles so she's not starving or full. I think I'll keep doing the first thing in the morning for now...since she takes a bottle around 4 am. But if she gives up that night bottle then I'll have to do a bottle first and try "breakfast" an hour or so later. And then we'll do dinner before bath time.

Tonight I gave her 2 tablespoons of sweet potatoes mixed with 1 tablespoon of rice cereal. She took most of it - and she didn't end up wearing all that much of it. She's starting to eat a bit better. I can see progress, so I'm sure that will continue and she'll be a champ in no time.

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