Monday, August 11, 2008

Some weekend pics...

I have nothing in particular to blog about today, but we took some very cute pics this weekend, so I thought I'd just share some favorites.

Friday evening - Leah watched Shafi for a bit after he got home from work - you can see from her happy baby pose that she was happy he was home:

Saturday afternoon at our neighbor's twins' first birthday party - Leah and Malia (who is 10 months) played a little bit while in their daddies' arms:
Leah loves to be upside down these days - here she was just chilling on my legs - taking in a new perspective:
Sunday afternoon Shafi read to Leah for a little bit before naptime - she loves being read to - even when there aren't many pictures:
Shafi also helped with her rice cereal meal yesterday. She ate pretty well, but of course she's always easily distracted by the camera - she's such a ham:

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