Saturday, February 23, 2008

Date night

My parents are in town - my dad arrived to join my mom this afternoon. And they offered to babysit tonight while we went out to dinner - then they went out to dinner. So Shafi and I had our first date night since Leah was born. It was nice to get out for a bit and talk over dinner, rather than rushing through so that we were able to get down our food before Leah beckoned.

And since I hadn't had sushi in 9 months, we went to our favorite local sushi place - Iron Chef House. It was very good.

We did find that we spent most of the time talking about Leah - such exciting things as her diapers and her gassiness. But we decided that's the normal course of things. When we were dating we talked a lot about our individual pasts and about work and such. Then it was wedding talk. And apartment talk. And now it's baby talk.

We got a little dressed up and took some family pictures before we went. Our first family picture:

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