Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's been 1 week!

I can't believe Leah is already a week old. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and sometimes it feels like we've known her forever. She is such a happy baby - and now that she's well fed - she sleeps like a champ.

We're discovering why people with babies have to do laundry so often - and we're glad that her Grandma got her so many clothes. She's decided to pee everytime we change her diaper. When we open it up and then wait a few minutes, she doesn't go - and just when we decide the coast is clear - she pees. We've been keeping a disposable pad on top of the changing pad so that we can just toss it and put another one down - but it doesn't always work. The pee seems to either go down - and sometimes past the disposable pad - or up and onto her t-shirt or onesie. So we've been washing clothes and changing pad covers pretty often already.

If anyone has advice on how to avoid this problem - please leave a comment or send us an email!

Leah's GG (Great Grandma Louise), for whome she is named, sent her first Valentine's card. Very cute. We're sure she loves it - and we'll put it in the scrapbook to remind her later.

And on another note - I have to brag on my fabulous husband this Valentine's Day. He wished me a happy valentine's day when I came back to bed after the 3 a.m. feeding - very sweet to think of that in the middle of the night. And almost as soon as he got up this morning, he presented me with my Valentine's / thanks for bearing my child / 5th anniversary (coming up April 1) present - beautiful diamond stud earrings. They're really good quality brilliant cut stones set in a 4 prong platinum setting.

(OK - that's not my actual earrings - but they look about like that.)

NY has warmed up a bit today - 45 and sunny. So we're going to go for our first walk this afternoon - hit the Promenade and then I'm thinking stop for ice cream on the way home (for me of course - don't worry - I won't be giving Leah her first ice cream for quite some time).

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