Friday, February 1, 2008

It's February!

My daughter will be born this month! Seems like a good month. I've got lots of friends and family with February birthdays. And anyone whose birthday is in the next 10 days is rooting for their day.

She will almost definitely be an Aquarius. Amethyst is a good birthstone. Violet is a good flower. It's Black History Month. And there are lots of special days in February - Groundhog Day (2/2), Superbowl Sunday (2/3 this year), Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday (2/5 this year), Chinese New Year (2/7 this year - ringing in the Year of the Rat), Lincoln's Birthday (2/12), Valentine's Day (2/14), President's Day (2/18 this year), Washington's Birthday (2/22), and Leap Day (2/29 - yes this is a leap year).

While I'm quite excited that it's February and that means that she'll be born very soon...I'm feeling incredibly impatient now. I am so ready. There's really nothing more I can think of to do to prepare. The final finishing touch I ordered to decorate the room should be arriving today. How adorable is this?! (No that's not the baby's name - ours will be personalized with the correct name - and you still have to wait until she's born for it.)

I know...officially 10 days to go until she's due. But seriously, any day now would be great. We are ready to meet our little girl!

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