Thursday, February 21, 2008

Leah's First Real Bath

Up until now Leah was just getting sponge baths. We were putting her in the tub with the sling across it but not putting any water in it - just using washcloths to soap her up and rinse her down. But yesterday morning her umbilical stump fell off. So last night she got her first tub bath.

She was so cute when we put her down in the water. She didn't look happy exactly, but curious and not unhappy. Then we started washing her and I guess it became familiar and she started screaming. She wasn't too upset, but she definitely cried and screamed a bit for the entirety. Once we finished and wrapped her up in the towel and dried her off she calmed down immediately.

Overall I think she liked it better than the sponge bath. Once she gets a bit more used to it she might even like it.

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