Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What a difference a day makes

Just a couple days ago I was so excited that my milk had come in. Then yesterday I was so upset that Leah still wasn't getting enough to eat and was losing weight. And today the lactation consultant came and turned it all around.

She was great - not one of the preachy militant lactation consultants - very down to earth and very nice. I gave her the history - the ups and downs of the past 6 days. And she said she knows Dr. O'Connor and feels comfortable that she'll be in agreement with the recommendations she's giving me. And she agrees that if I'm not getting enough milk then we'll need to supplement with formula. need. This morning I pumped a full ounce and by the time the lactation consultant came, I had quite a bit ready to flow. The lactation consultant said that we needed to use a different position so that Leah would have less trouble getting her little mouth onto my very large breast.

She got me set up with pillows to position my arm on and Leah positioned at my side on top of my arm. We lined everything up and then I brought Leah up towards me while facing me - and after only a couple of tries - she latched on! And then she stayed on and ate vigorously for 30 minutes. The lactation consultant tought us how to listen for whether she's swallowing - she was - the whole time. So obviously that means there was enough milk for her to be able to eat continuously for so long. Then she took the other side for about 10 minutes.

The lactation consultant answered many other questions we had and wrote down some instructions in case we forget. She also recommended some dietary things. More grains and greens, oatmeal, mother's milk tea, and dark beer (1 per day). And she asked us to call her on Friday and let her know how it goes at the doctor's office. If it goes well then she would just like to know - and if not, she'll be glad to come Friday afternoon or Saturday for another session.

But so far so good. I was mildly nervous that it wouldn't be so easy after she left...but I've fed Leah twice since then...and both times went very well. Also, while Leah was a happy baby before - she is even more so now. She hasn't fussed at all - even when being changed and dressed. She's been sleeping in the crib - even letting us put her down before she's fully asleep and putting herself to sleep.

And she had her first visitor today. My Uncle Howard was in town for a business meeting and stopped by this afternoon for about an hour. She slept soundly the whole time he was here, including while being passed back and forth from Howard to Shafi to me.


Jennifer said...

Dark beer? For you or Shafi?

Jess said...

I don't have any advice on peeing babies, but I am curious to know that there are lactation consultants who are preachy-militant types, and those who are not.