Wednesday, January 30, 2008

38 week check-up

Well, no change since last week. 2 cm dilated. 70% effaced. Baby is pretty low.

The doctor said everything seemed fine and some people just reach a certain point and stay there until they go into labor. Could happen today...could be a couple weeks.

He did try to estimate the baby's size. He said around 7.5 pounds. And he said he's usually pretty good at figuring the size. We'll see.

Based on it being a "normal" size, there's no reason to induce early. I've got another appointment next Wednesday and, just in case, I've got an appointment scheduled for February 11 (the day after my due date). He said if I make that appointment then we'll discuss how long I want to wait before inducing. I don't really want to be induced, but I do want to have this baby, so I won't rule it out. Being somewhat dilated and effaced makes me "inducable." So it would probably be fine.

That's all the news for now. Just waiting and waiting and waiting.

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