Thursday, January 24, 2008

37 week check-up

Doctor's appointment went fine today. We met Dr. Nath. She was very nice - spent some time discussing a few things with us and answering our questions. I'm now about 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Definitely good news - progress since last week.

And she said being dilated is good - means that early labor is likely to be pretty quick and I'm likely to be at 4 cm or so by the time I go to the hospital - which is enough to be admitted.

She didn't really say much about the size of the baby - said it seems normal - not too big, not too small. So that would means she's 6 pounds something.

I asked about some pains I've been having - all normal. I mentioned that the baby has been getting hiccups a lot - 3 times yesterday. She said that's fine - and it means that she'll probably be a hiccupy baby after birth too.

And no predictions from the doc as to when I'll go into labor. Said it could be days or could still be weeks away. And she said that because I'm already dilated, if my water breaks, I will definitely know it. I guess that's a good thing - as it's dangerous not to know - but I certainly hope I don't have a big gush while sitting on the couch or something.

Anyway, definitely continuing to feel more and more uncomfortable - walking is tougher, getting up is tougher, sleeping is still not going so well. So today was my last day in the office. I packed up what I need at home, and some personal items that I wouldn't want getting lost in the move. The office is moving across town around the end of February. I'll still be working up until I go into labor - but no more commuting.

Meanwhile, my coworker Alison, who is due this Sunday, went into labor today. Last I heard she was in the hospital this afternoon with the epidural in. Hopefully I'll get to talk to her in a few days and hear how it went and if she has any advice.

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