Thursday, January 10, 2008

Exactly 1 month from today!

That's my due date anyway. Although I have to say I will be quite happy to go about 2 weeks early. Seems that's the point at which she's considered full term - not likely to have any issues - and potentially a pound or so lighter than she will be at 40 weeks.

I'm not hoping for this only because I'm so excited and anxious to meet my daughter. But really I think 35 weeks was a turning point for me. Up until a few days ago I was feeling pretty good. I've had an easy pregnancy overall and even with the extra heft I'm lugging around, I hadn't really slowed down much. I had my aches and pains and swollen feet and some problems sleeping and getting up from the couch. There were some other unpleasant side effects along the way, but they had all faded into distant memories. But suddenly I feel differently. Lots of aches and pains. I'm sore under my belly. The baby has knobby knees and elbows or something that jab me with somewhat sharp pains. I'm constantly out of breath and overheated and it really is getting hard to walk, not to mention climbing subway stairs and such.

So now I know what they mean when they said the end is the toughest. And I'm ready to have a baby!

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