Sunday, January 20, 2008

Almost ready!

After last week's doctor's appointment I said we need to finish getting everything ready this weekend. And I'm pretty sure we'll accomplish that goal.

I finished the thank-you notes from the shower and other gifts. I packed my hospital bag. And I packed the diaper bag - although I still need to add a change of clothes for the baby - but I'll wait and see how big she is before I do that.

We hung the shelf that matches the bedding set. Bit of a comedy of errors there, but it covers the extra pair of holes that we drilled just a tad too far apart. And we hung the mesh cubbies from a hook we put in the ceiling. Another trying we lost the first one in the ceiling and had to go buy a 2nd hook - which luckily we were able to put into the same hole we had already drilled. We never claimed to be handy - but we got the job done.

We picked up the Bugaboo yesterday. It's awesome! We do need to go through the various peices that came with it and make sure we know how to use them when needed - including the adapter for attaching the car seat.

Remaining items for today - I'm printing the addresses on the envelopes that the birth announcements will go in - and I'm decorating the wall above the changing table. I have everything I need - just gotta' dive in now.

And then - come on baby - any time you're ready - we're ready to meet you.

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