Sunday, January 13, 2008

Baby Shower was very nice

My friends threw me a baby shower yesterday. It was a brunch - quiche, bagels, salad, fruit, coffee cake, and muffins - along with coffee, juice, and mimosas (for the non-pregnant chicks). It was very nice. There were 12 women plus me. And some of the men (including Shafi) stopped by to say hi at the end.

I got some great stuff from my registry - crib bedding set, baby bathtub, infant activity gym, BabyBjorn, and more. And also some very cute and some practical items from elsewhere - a pacifier that says "whine connoisseur", some childcare books, a fabulous diaper bag with accessories, a stuffed animal in a Penn shirt, some cute baby books, and more.

Here are the pics:

I then spent the remainder of yesterday laundering, decorating, and putting away the gifts. I've now made a list of the remaining items I need - mattress, diaper genie, hamper, changing pad, diapers, etc. And also a list of remaining items I want - baskets for the nursery, more receiving blankets, a mobile that will fit on the crib, a decorative shelf that matches the bedding, etc. Shafi will be joining me for a shopping trip to Babies R Us today to take care of both lists.

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty ready to have a baby. We've gotten most of the major items - the car seat arrived a few days ago and I've learned how to use it, the dresser drawers are full of baby clothes. The decorative items I ordered for the baby's room have all arrived now - although I haven't quite finished decorating. Not sure if that will happen today, but I'll work on it this week - or next weekend.

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