Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Furniture arrived yesterday!

The baby furniture arrived yesterday. It looks great - matches our other furniture almost perfectly. It does fit the room as expected. It's a bit crowded by the crib, but that's the price we'll have to pay to make the room a hybrid guestroom and nursery.

We moved some of the art work in the room that will stay - the Kandinsky and the Hopper. The rest will come down when we get the other decorations I've ordered for the room. I thought those 2 were good colors for the baby to look at, but I definitely want to put something above the changing table that the baby can't knock down (not a big framed print) or that wouldn't hurt if she does. I've ordered some plush letters (letter shaped pillows about 2 inches thick) to spell out her name and some other cute plush items to decorate around the letters. I'm also planning to put the shelf that matches the bedding set up above the toy box by the window.

I'm sure it'll all come together once we get the crib mattress and bedding and the decorative items.

I also went through the various clothes and booties and whatnot that we've bought or been given and washed them, folded them, and put them in the dresser. The current location of everything is not necessarily where it will stay as I get more stuff - but it works for now.

Here's what the room looks like now...definitely starting to take shape.

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