Thursday, January 3, 2008

34 week check-up

Uneventful doctor's appointment today. I saw Dr. Schweizer. He seemed very nice. Came in and introduced himself, measured my belly (growing well), asked about the baby's movement (she's been moving plenty), checked the heartbeat (sounded good), asked if I had any questions (I didn't), and that was it. He took me on time. Normally I'd be quite happy about that, but Shafi was running late. So I was actually done by the time Shafi arrived. Definitely not fun for Shafi to come all the way up to 32nd street on the east side from Tribeca only to turn back around and head back down to his office having not even met the doctor. I felt a little bad for him...but he probably should have left the office earlier.

Next appointment is in 2 weeks. That's when they'll do the Strep B test, which is no big deal. If it happens to be positive it just means they'll administer antibiotics during labor to avoid passing it on to the baby.

And from then on it's weekly appointments. I've scheduled for weeks 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40. Weeks 37 and 39 are with the other 2 doctors in the practice. Week 40 is actually scheduled for the day after my due date, just in case. They told me to go ahead and schedule all the remaining appointments and if I deliver before any of them, they'll automatically cancel the rest.

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