Sunday, June 15, 2008

A milestone today - rolling over from back to front!

Yep, this morning Leah rolled over from her back to her front. Very exciting milestone. I was feeling bad that we hadn't been doing enough tummy time, but looks like she's developing just fine. Of course once she got onto her tummy she was only happy there for about 3 minutes before she cried and needed someone to turn her back over...but it's a start. And I guess it means I need to start watching her a bit more when I put her down on the bed and such! Just after rolling over: Stuck on her tummy because she doesn't know how to roll back: Showing her full height next to her big lion: And very excited to be going for a walk. We planned to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, but the clouds rolled in shortly after we walked we bailed on the bridge and went out to brunch in Dumbo instead.

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